There is no small digital dream

Let´s bring them to life

 A digital shopfloor

for your manufacturing mission


Reduce the cost, time and effort required to implement safe digital processes and products and secure I4.0 digital automation systems

Industry 4.0 ROI

Get the best business value out of your industry 4.0 investment

Keep your integration time
under control

Well established methods and framework for deployment of digital solutions.

Ensure future digital shopfloor extendibility

Rely on certified and standard-compliant components to safely operate your digital shopfloor operations.


Rely on the DSA network of experts, trusted components and service platforms to build a digital shopfloor matching your automation performance.

DSA profiling

Engage with your DSA expert, select your digital shopfloor profile and assess the ROI of your digital shopfloor strategy

DSA certification

Customise and apply the DSA “validation & verification” framework to ensure safe operation of your modular/reconfigurable manufacturing cell or collaborative robotic workplace.

DSA integration

Find and select a suitable DSA integrator to support you in the safe and secure deployment of your digital shopfloor services.

DSA-ready products

Benefit from certified HW components and software solutions and infrastructures to reduce the ramp-up time of your digital shopfloor services.



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